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Princess Academy

March 4, 2011 - March 27, 2011
For ages 8 and up

World Premiere! Exciting Adventure for Boys and Girls!

Winner of a Newbery Honor in 2006, this is Shannon Hale's magical novel of a mountain community which, the wise men of the King's court have declared, is home to the next princess of the land. As a result, all the 13-17 year-old girls (including tiny Miri) must attend a special academy to study and prepare themselves to become royalty. One will be chosen by the prince. The trials the girls undergo, the dangers they encounter, and the ultimate choice faced by Miri create an exciting adventure you won't want to miss. Run time is approx. 75-80 minutes. Preview a song now!

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Copyright ©2005 by Shannon Hale. Published by Bloomsbury Publishing. Cover art copyright ©2005 by Tim Zeltner.

  • Based on the book by: Shannon Hale
  • Script by: Buffy Sedlachek
  • Original music by: Aaron Gabriel
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