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Education Corner:  Sept 2016 – Fall Education At STC

Education Corner: Sept 2016 – Fall Education at STC

Education Corner: Sept 2016 – Fall Education at STC

Oh, the drama of going back to school!

The cast (new friends)!

The costumes (new outfits)!

The set (new classrooms)!

What a time to be alive!

Okay, enough of that, but seriously, how crazy is the back-to-school rush every year? Didn’t summer just begin? As you prepare your kids for their new normal and your new driving routine, it’s hard to remember that this is supposed to be fun…that this is when your child is figuring out who they are and who they want to be. The Grind is a joy thief. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your child isn’t thriving due to that exhausting Grind or if it’s due to other reasons.

Every year, we in the Education Program enter classrooms for residencies all around the state. We meet with new teachers who we will collaborate with to enrich a set of curriculum for a classroom or for a whole grade. Every year, those teachers say, “So-and-So is a bit spirited, so heads up.” Or “I’m not sure if So-and-So will participate positively.” We teach our theatre—bodies out of desks, moving in the space, creativity sparked, new ideas being said “Yes” to, a whole different kind of learning happening—and those teachers after class say, “WOW. So-and-So just blew me away.”  Pure pride and joy on their face.  We could have predicted it for them, but this is more fun. You see, we teaching artists have a freedom of engaging students in a different way because our discipline requires it. As a direct result, students who excel in different learning styles (kinesthetic, auditory, social) emerge as leaders and success stories…where they maybe struggle sitting in a desk for a long period of time with the other learning styles (verbal, logical, solitary). There are many ways to learn, just as there are many ways to teach. STC is proud to be community partners with so many schools and school districts who acknowledge and serve children with varying learning needs.

So if in a few weeks after the dust has settled, you see our child still struggling with classroom life, maybe it’s a learning style that needs to be addressed. And maybe STC can help…


Nikki SwobodaNikki Swoboda

Education Director

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