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Mary Poppins Q & A : Sandy Boren-Barrett (Director)

Mary Poppins Q & A : Sandy Boren-Barrett (Director)

Get to know Sandy Boren-Barrett

Co-Director with Michael Mathew Farrell for Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s MARY POPPINS JR.

WHAT DOES A DIRECTOR DO? A theatre director oversees and orchestrates the creation of a theatre production (a play, an opera, or a musical) by unifying various endeavors and aspects of production. Courtesy of Wikipedia

INTERESTING OR UNIQUE CHALLENGE ON THIS PRODUCTION: I think the high level of dance/musical numbers in the show make it really magnificent! It also makes our rehearsal schedule seem tight.  We have an amazing cast who are so excited and motivated, I have no doubt it will be spectacular.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB IN THIS PRODUCTION:  I love the entire creative team – having the chance to co-direct and work with Michael kicks the FUN aspect of directing up a notch!

FAVORITE SONG FROM THE SHOW:  Feed the Birds – makes me cry every time!

WHY SHOULD PEOPLE COME SEE THIS SHOW:  It is bound to be a beautiful production, and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with people you care about this holiday season.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THEATRE?  I was a dancer first, then started theater, but it wasn’t until the ripe old age of High School.  I began directing in college.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE A STUDENT THINKING ABOUT A CAREER LIKE YOURS IN THE THEATRE:  It is the BEST job in the world, but it requires wearing A LOT of hats, many people thing  “Your job is so fun, you get to pick all the shows, and direct and stuff” IT IS, and I DO,  but there is so much more to the job than that.  You better listen in those accounting classes kids, in my job, they will come in handy for sure!


FIRST SHOW AT STAGES?  First show I ever saw was James and the Giant Peach, I think in 1988?  First show I ever directed was Puss ‘n Boots in 1990.


  • FAVORITE KIDS BOOK:  The Giver, Lois Lowry
  • FAVORITE TV SHOW:  I love The Crown – and loved Gilmore Girls
  • FAVORITE SINGER:  Carrie Underwood


Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s MARY POPPINS JR.



It’s a JOLLY HOLIDAY with Mary!

Original Music and lyrics by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. Book by Julian Fellowes. New Songs and Additional Music and Lyrics by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe. Co-Created by Cameron Mackintosh. A Musical based on the stories of P.L. Travers and the Walt Disney film

Join us this holiday season for a practically perfect experience for the entire family! “It’s a jolly holiday with Mary” in this Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious adventure based on the award-winning Broadway musical and classic Walt Disney film. Step in Time with everyone’s favorite nanny and share the magical transformation of the Banks family with your family this holiday.


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