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Notes from our Artistic Director:

There is something exotic and exciting about Dreamworks Madagascar- A Musical Adventure. The music was what struck me first as it immediately transports you to a new place with characters you begin to love the instant you meet them. It’s easy to enjoy the ride this story offers. The journey starts at the Central Park Zoo, where we see completely content animals, trying to understand and convince their friend Marty the Zebra that nothing could possibly be better than what they have, and where they live.

Everybody has a friend, that one best friend that makes you do things (good or bad). The one that convinces you to try things that you may not be brave enough to try without them. THAT is Alex and Marty – they are there for each other, they laugh with each other, take risks for each other, and save each other when they need to be saved. We learn through Alex that you don’t have to do a lot of tricks to impress someone; just being your best self and a really good friend is enough.

Under the guise of toe-tapping, hip-shaking musical numbers, there are lessons to be experienced in this musical. This is a story about wanting to be “wild” but finding out that you actually had all you needed or wanted all along; you just needed a “best friend” to remind you of that. And while Marty learns that the grass may actually BE greener on the other side of the world, it is not worth giving up all the good you have just to experience it. Our Zoo friends learn that by using your strengths to do good for others, you don’t lose anything at all; you gain a great deal.

Dreamworks Madagascar- A Musical Adventure is meant to entertain with all the music and spectacle we expect from the originators, but I mean it when I say, the lessons it has to show bear repeating as well. In a world where kids constantly compare themselves to others, or think they need more and more, we owe it to them to say over and over again that real freedom comes from being yourself, being a good friend, and enjoying where you are right now!

I want to thank you for taking the time this summer to come inside and experience our adventure. The entire company and I have had such fun creating this magical place, I hope you do too!


Sandy Boren-Barrett

Artistic Director, Stages Theatre Company


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