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Notes from our Artistic Director:


The Most MAGNIFICENT Anniversary Season!

We recently announced our 2018/2019 35th Anniversary Season! Looking around our world, it seems so much has changed since 1984, but on the other hand, so much has remained constant. The Stages Theatre Company mission (of enrichment and education of children and youth in a professional theatre environment that stimulates artistic excellence and personal growth) is unchanged, and our MAGNIFICENT ANNIVERSARY SEASON reflects that and MORE.

In 1984, the first Apple Macintosh went on sale; the most popular movies were Ghostbusters (yes, the original) and The Karate Kid (yes, the original.) Phil Collins, Billy Joel and Tina Turner topped the music charts along with the groups Duran Duran, WHAM and Bananarama. The shows Magnum P.I. and Dynasty were popular on the small screen (because yes, there was such a thing as a “small” screen), as were Cheers and Entertainment Tonight. Kids were challenged by Rubix Cube, introduced to Transformers, and still spent hour after hour with decks of cards and board games. They also read books—lots and lots of books. That has not changed, even today, 35 years later!

Our 2018-2019 Season is truly MAGNIFICENT– it is built with young people, families and classrooms in mind, and is based on beautiful, imaginative and inspiring books and stories. There is much to celebrate, learn from, and enjoy this season. From classics to new stories, there is something for everyone. From an unlikely friendship that has been inspiring kids for over 65 years to the inspiring stories of history’s heroes that show young people that they can be “anything they want to be.” The stories on our stage this season inspire young people to dream big, invent big, invest in curiosity, and that changing history is something they all CAN do. From celebrated authors like Jan Brett and Roald Dahl, to new authors who write books that allow kids who learn and play differently to see themselves in the stories. We have it all this season and are proud of the stories we tell!

There is much to celebrate this season, and YOU are why we celebrate! Stages Theatre Company has grown from serving 6000 people in 1984 to over 145,000 people today. The circle has grown and continues to grow wider with our commitment of being a radically welcoming theatre serving young audiences. We have made the commitment to creating a space where diverse opinions, courageous dialogue, and local, national, and international community engagement is not only valued, but vital to our shared artistic and educational success. We make this pledge in the hope of curating a welcome home for all.

Come celebrate the magnificence with us, all season long.


Sandy Boren-Barrett

Artistic Director, Stages Theatre Company


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