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Notes from our Artistic Director:

Happy New Year and thank you for joining us for Leo Lionni’s Frederick.

What a perfect show for this time of year! January and February have historically NOT been my favorite months of the year, slogging through the snow as the temperature
hovers below zero is not my idea of a great time. However, it IS the perfect time to spend inside with your young person, snuggled up and reading a book, or better yet, snuggled up in our theatre WATCHING that book come to life on our stage.

Our In the Heart of Imagination season continues with perhaps the epitome of imaginative characters — the day-dreaming Frederick. His path toward community contribution and belonging is a familiar journey for children who are full of stories they want to create, collect and share. Leo Lionni’s work lives in the heart of our youngest audience members through this beautiful story.

As I watch the journey of sweet Frederick and the joy he feels experiencing the world around him, I can see a unique understanding of that journey in the faces of the young people we see in our audiences and in our classrooms. It is an inspiring vision.

Stages Theatre Company exists because our community sees the value of art, and stories; music and dance in the life of young people. Art contributes to the world and community in a different way than most things, but it is no less important in providing balance and meaning to our lives. We are nothing without the people who provide for us, so we can provide for many. Our volunteers, ushers, board members, participants and their families, all give so much and we could not do the work we do without them and THAT too is inspiring! And we are grateful.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for taking the time to slog through the snow and below zero temperatures WITH your young person to see this show. It will be time well spent and quite possibly will make January and February SEEM just a little bit warmer, brighter and full of life.


Sandy Boren-Barrett

Artistic Director, Stages Theatre Company


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