Notes from our Artistic Director:

An Inspiring Season!


Welcome to SUMMER, this is such a wonderful time of year to be a part of Stages Theatre Company! Over 200 young people auditioned to be a part of this show! Who doesn’t love a “quest” with the lovely, crabby, self-deprecating OGRE, and his loyal call-it-like-it-is side kick Donkey. What landed Shrek the Musical on our season was the story of being who you are, and learning to live with and eventually love those things that “make us special.”

Shrek: The Musical takes the original movie Shrek and builds upon its message of not judging a book by its cover. One of the biggest musical numbers in this show is “Let Your Freak Flag Fly,“ which makes it obvious that the show’s theme is how being different is AWESOME—Something to be proud of, something to sing about, but also not at the expense of NOT allowing someone else to be different from you. Your “freak flag” need not be MY “freak flag”, and that’s OK!

One of the things that make Stages Theatre Company such an amazing place is that we are always looking for new, special ways to assist young people in growing into their authentic selves. We create programs like no one else. Programs where young people can be a part of “us” as actors, students, technicians, ushers, First Job in the Arts apprentices. There are so many ways to be a part of the world of Stages Theatre Company and to be mentored by those that came before you.

I am proud that so many really cool young people who grew up here, are now amazing adults that want to give back to the organization for all it did for them in their teen years. There are adults on our stage, in our booth, operating our sound, choreographing and music directing, leading our social media that were young people here many years ago. These professional artists go away and learn more about their craft and theatre, and bring that expertise back to the organization. For me as an artistic director, that is a gift!

In this show we have quite a few graduates who will be heading off to college and I have no doubt that they too will be amazing adults with stories to tell, and experiences to share. I want them to come back and feel proud to be a part of what makes Stages Theatre Company special. Enjoy them in their final performance as “youth participants,” I will look forward to hiring them some day as profession adult artists!

“We are different and united. You are US, and we are YOU. This is OUR STORY !”

Enjoy the Show,

Sandy Boren-Barrett

Artistic Director, Stages Theatre Company