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Notes from our Artistic Director:

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.”


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Jr. is at its heart a play about transformation. It’s about the act of coming into one’s own and accepting responsibility for selfish actions. And, of course, it is about the simple act of giving and receiving love. These can be considered heady topics for a children’s story, but who better to teach us about all of this, than the wisest and youngest among us.

The end of the calendar season is filled with holidays and celebrations—starting with a holiday about gratitude and giving thanks and ending with a reflection on a year that was and a celebration of the one yet to be—a transformation from the old into the new.

As I sit here in the midst of rehearsals, I feel such gratitude for the people in my life that see the value in selflessness and little things—like simple politeness, forgiveness and kindness.   I have the chance day after day, in my office, in the theatre and in my home to witness beauty, not just in the gorgeous art those around me create, but in the care, laughter and love shown to each other.

There are times during the rush and bustle of this time of year, that we all feel a little selfish and beastly, if we are honest.  However, if we look deep into the heart of a person, and realize their story may be quite different than ours and choose to simply be kind, we may have the power to transform their day, to choose to look beyond what we perceive someone to be and to see their value, not in relation to what they may do for us, but just in the joy of who they are with no expectation in return.  That is the message and beauty of this story, and of the season, it is simply about GIVING.

The holiday show here at Stages Theatre Company brings so many people through our doors looking to spend time and celebrate TOGETHER. We are grateful to be a part of your holiday tradition and memory making.  We are nothing without all of you, THANK YOU for spending time with us.

Happiest and merriest to you all!



Sandy Boren-Barrett

Artistic Director, Stages Theatre Company



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