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Education Corner:  Dec 2016 – Acting Conservatory

Education Corner: Dec 2016 – Acting Conservatory


This fall Stages Acting Conservatory has 172 students in 17 classes ranging in age from 6 to 16!

We have been having a ball honing our acting skills, learning to use our bodies, voices and imaginations to create characters, and collaborating on telling our stories!


Next week, our FALL session will wrap up with performances for our family and friends! Our youngest students, ages in 6-7, in our First Stage classes will be presenting stories from the books One Dog Canoe and Where the Wild Things Are. Students in Center Stage (ages 7-8) and Junior Conservatory (ages 9-11) have been working all term on devising their own stories using photo images as a jumping off point. The stories include friends escaping through portals into a fairyland, a mystery featuring haunted electronic devices, stolen money from a school fundraiser, an unusual talent competition, and toys rescuing a kidnapped girl. Our Teen Conservatory, with our oldest students (ages 12-16), will be performing their mid-term presentation. Track 1 students will be performing monologues from 18 different plays and Track II Musical Theatre students will be performing songs from 10 different musicals while Track II Devised Work students will be performing a trailer of the piece they have been creating from scratch. Their completed show will be performed in March.


This FALL, our Boot Camp students (ages 10-16) have been learning about the ins and outs of auditioning. The first four weeks concentrated on the prepared audition, including monologues, songs and dancing. The second four weeks concentrated on the callback audition with cold readings, cold songs and choreographed movement. Each of our Audition Boot Camp classes includes a mock audition with in-depth feedback. The next Audition Boot Camp will be offered in the April. Our other April Boot Camp classes feature a four-week course on Improvisation and another four-week course on Puppeteering. Registration for all of our April Boot Camp courses is now open.



Our ACTING CONSERVATORY Winter/Spring session is now open for registration. We offer nine-week classes for Ages 6-16 starting January 14. In FIRST STAGE: Cast Me in a Role students will take a role, learn their lines, work with fellow actors and put on a show! In CENTER STAGE: Putting on a Play students will build their acting skills while exploring the rehearsal process and performing a short play with their fellow actors. In our JUNIOR CONSERVATORY: The Rehearsal Process students will delve into the rehearsal process while collaborating on the performance of a short scripted musical. Our TEEN CONSERVATORY: Acting Nuts & Bolts students will hone acting skills through exploring monologues, scenes and improvisation through our teen acting intensive.


Our ACTING CONSERVATORY is designed to challenge our students in new and exciting ways each term as they grow as stage performers. We are dedicated to developing students as individual artists and honoring each student’s unique expression. Our students are at the center of everything we do!


SEE YOU AT THE THEATRE! (& in the classroom!)Jeannine



Conservatory Director


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