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Education Corner:  Nov 2016 – Preschool Programming

Education Corner: Nov 2016 – Preschool Programming

Education Corner:  Nov 2016 – Preschool Programming

This month get a unique look behind the scenes at what it takes to be a phenomenal preschool theatre teaching artist. Get to know Becca Buntjer, STC teaching artist extraordinare who has lots of experience with preschoolers, including having been one once herself.

BECCA writes: “When I was little, my mother told me I would grow up one day. Little did we know that becoming an “adult” would shift spending my Saturday mornings watching cartoons and playing with friends my age to playing with 4-6 year olds.

My 4-6 year old classes, especially Play a Day, are special to me. Every class I get to teach includes the actor tools (body/voice/imagination) and has age appropriate games and challenges. Play a Day is my favorite because the “Tall friend” stays and plays with the “small friend” for these warm ups. We dance, become bears, speak in funny voices, and set aside the worries and chores that sweep play away and fill our lives. I get to be part of families creating lasting memories which carries a special significance for me now that my little family includes a small friend.

Recently I have started to challenge myself to build a surprise into each month’s session. In October, we partied our way through some of our favorite Laura Numeroff stories. When the last Saturday session rolled around, and we were creating the play, “If You Give a Dog a Donut.” We hit home-runs, ran the bases, flew kites, and at the very end ate real donuts. And what’s better than eating a surprise donut with your friends, tall and small, on a Saturday morning?

I keep waiting to one day feel like a real adult. Maybe it’s hard because I spend my days saying hello and goodbye to my hands like a squirrel, robot, witch, and super hero. All I know is that my mom promised me I would grow up one day. Then again, she also tried to tell me that pizza wouldn’t always be my favorite food.”



Becca Buntjer

Education Associate


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