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Education Corner:  Oct 2017 – Preschool Classes

Education Corner: Oct 2017 – Preschool Classes

Dinosaurs make the best pirates. They don’t need swords because they have claws. They growl absolutely the best. It is clear to me that dinosaurs make the best pirates. Some people think that sharks would make the best pirates. They wouldn’t need boats because they are already great swimmers. In the water, they are silent like water ninjas. I guess the only way to figure out who makes the best pirates is to pretend to be both and see which is more fun.

When a young person is enrolled in a Stages Preschool Program, we take imagination seriously. Living in the heart of play, we dive into our favorite books, become our favorite characters, and explore whole other worlds with art, song, and movement. We practice using our actor tools (body, voice, imagination) to hone our skills through games and exercises that make learning fun. And yes. Dinosaurs make great pirates. So do sharks, princesses, penguins, and unicorns. They also make great friends when they all play together. Who knew?

So come play with us. Come here to Stages for Little Stars, Play a Day, and our theatre for the very young play each summer. Visit us when we come near you in partnership with your local Community Ed. Bring us into your local daycare/preschool with our SET play or teaching artist residency. Then watch the play unfold in your living room after class. Better yet, grab egg shakers and towel-capes for everybody. You don’t want anyone to miss out on this fun!


Becca Buntjer
Education Associate


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