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Introducing Sensory Exploratory Theatre (SET) Story from Stages Theatre Company!

SET Story

Turn your classroom into a world of play! Stages Theatre Company wants to bring the fun and learning of interactive theatre to your school or daycare with Sensory Exploratory Theatre (SET) Story!

Sensory Play provides children with an opportunity to explore the world around them, interact with others, and play.  Through sensory activities, children:

  • Develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills,
  • Advance their coordination and concentration,
  • Learn how to work cooperatively and collaboratively,
  • Use all their senses in exploring their environment, and
  • Develop their imagination, creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Using theatrical storytelling and sensory integration activities, our actor educators will guide your students through a dramatic adventure in which  they will use their bodies, voices and imaginations to meet characters, become characters, and work together to solve the problems we encounter within the imaginary world of the play.

This year, we are diving deep into our favorite ocean stories and tales with SET Story: Under the Sea!

To encourage the connection of arts and literacy a few books we love to pair with SET Story: Under the Sea are Swimmy, The Pout Pout Fish, Not Quite Narwhal and The Rainbow Fish. And so many more!

WHAT WE NEED TO COME TO YOU::  An open space without desks, but no gym please. A multipurpose room is perfect!

TIME COMMITMENT: This is a 30-35 minute experience. We have the ability to repeat SET Story up to 6 times within one school day to accommodate a number of classrooms.  The equipment is heavy, so when possible, we prefer to use the same space for multi-performance days.

CAPACITY: With two teaching artists guiding the SET Story experience, we are able to accommodate no more than 25 students per performance. The interactive nature of SET Story is best with at least 10 students. Part of the value of the experience is witnessing others’ participation as well.

WHO is SET for? SET Story is for daycares, preschools, and kindergartens. Additionally, we are able to accommodate for students who have Sensory Processing Disorders but do require notice for appropriate staffing

PRICES: $100 per SET Story experience.

For more information EMAIL  or call Megan at 952-979-1117.


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