Cast Bio Request for PEACE 4 THE AGES

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CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming involvement in a Stages Theatre Company production! We look forward to getting to know you.
Please begin by filling out the form below so that we may start promoting the show! Actors will have the opportunity to see a proof of the program before it goes to print. This information will be used to create each cast member’s bio for the program, social media and on the Stages website.
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2019/2020 Season

Your names as you'd like it to appear in the program. If you don't wish to have your middle name used, you may leave that field blank.
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Student Actors Only
Student Actors Only
2019/20 School Year
2019/2020 School Year
Please upload a recent high-res headshot/photo to be used for publicity online, in the lobby and for press. This does not have to be a professional headshot but it must be a solo photo of the cast member wearing clothing without any logos or writing. Check out our recent show pages under Cast & Creative Team for examples of actor headshots. If you don't have a photo, we can take an one at an upcoming rehearsal.
BIO (paste existing bio here. If you don't have one, no problem! We'll use the info you enter in the questionnaire below to create one.) Actors will have a chance to review their bio before it goes to print. We reserve the right to edit the bio you provide, due to space in the program. If you have a bio from a previous production, please paste it in the space below. See an example bio below. ***** EXAMPLE BIO: John Doe (Role/Character) is making his Stages debut. His previous credits include The Little Mermaid Jr. and Romeo & Juliet. He has also appeared in productions with Open House Theatre. He is in the 4th grade and is an avid horse back rider. John would like to give special thanks to his parents for their support!
IE: hobbies, interests, special talents or special thanks to _________ for _______.... etc.
IE: Sun Sailor, Villager.... etc.