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Volunteers play a vital role and make a difference.

On behalf of all of us at Stages Theatre Company, thank you for considering us. We seek volunteers to usher at performances, serve as Board and Committee members, help in our scene shop and to work on special projects including office work. See below for current needs.

We conservatively estimate that approximately 300 volunteers donate about 5,000 hour’s worth of service each year to Stages Theatre Company. As we have grown, maintaining and developing a strong base of well-trained, committed volunteers has become increasingly important to us. If you would like information about volunteering at Stages Theatre Company, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Matt Ouren at (952) 979-1112 or via email.


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For the safety of the children and families we serve, please note that all volunteers must agree to a Child Protection Background Check. Cost for this is covered by Stages Theatre Company.

Please fill out our Volunteer Form Volunteer Form 

Your generous time will contribute to our serving an annual average of 130,000 children and families.



  • “I like ushering because I love to see the kids’ faces when they catch their first glimpse of the stage/set when they enter the theater, and get then to hear their reactions to the performance as they head out the door afterward. I like working in the scene shop because I get to be hands-on in creating the experiences that the audience members come to Stages to enjoy.”
  • “Everyone at Stages – the office staff, the production team, all of the volunteers – are very welcoming. It really is fun to work here.”
  • “Working with the people in the shop and on lighting is great.  They are very nice and patient for someone new to theatre and there is always something new to work on.  Getting to know the theatre from behind the scenes has been a good learning experience.  Working with the students and teachers when ushering has been fun.  The kids are all so excited.  The staff is easy to work with and makes it easy to help out.  And, as an extra bonus, being able to see talented and professional productions at the theatre has been great.”
  • “I enjoy the variety of work and learning so many new techniques. Each costumer has their own style and it has been fun to see how color and fabrics help the shows come together.”
  • “For me, working with Stages has been a stretch of my abilities and creativity.  Each project is new and exciting. And I love getting to watch the top notch shows that Stages puts on.”


If you would like information about volunteering at Stages Theatre Company, please contact Volunteer Coordinator at (952) 979-1126 or via EMAIL

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