Stages Youth Council

Stages Theatre Company’s Youth Council is comprised of youth ages 10-17 who have participated in past theatre productions here at Stages Theatre Company. The council comes together as a committee to generate fun ideas for events that can raise money to support Stages’ Open Door Program, which helps kids and families experience the joy and wonder of live theatre completely free of charge.


Zoe Hollander - co-chair
Amy Horn - co-chair

Anja Arora
Faith Barrett
Lucy Dreher
Sophie Farrell
Athan Fischer
Maya Haugen
Indra Khariwala
Kiera Luong
Natalie Mosakowski
Sadie Nelson
Gideon Pressley
Jon Schumacher
Tiahna Wolfe-Shields
Arden Michalec
Zach Sullivan
Kimora Collins
Alex Weiner
Sayer Keeley
Riley Gamades
Aidan Einhorn
Daniel Untiedt
2018/2019 Recap Video