Age 4 - Grade 12

Discover, imagine, create, and play
at Stages Theatre Company this summer!

Thank you for an AMAZING Summer Theatre Workshop 2022!!

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  • She looked forward to it every day, took the work seriously, made new friends, and had a fantastic time.
  • She LOVED it! She said she had so much fun and her teachers were very nice.
  • He was excited each day of the workshop.
  • He was so proud of his work and of his team. He can be anxious in new groups and sometimes shy about performance, but we did not see any of that.
  • My child enjoyed the week but at performance time became terrified. I was impressed with the teachers who attempted to get him back out with friends but who also didn’t push. It helped hearing that they get scared too.
  • She loved it!! She talked about it nonstop all week.
  • My child loved her experience with Broadway Kids so much and we loved seeing her confidence blossom and love for performing grow in just one week.
  • The confidence my child has after camp is astounding. She had the best time and can't wait for fall classes!
  • She learned a lot, had fun, and grew in confidence!
  • Loved it! Every day she came home singing and talking about where they “traveled” to that day.
  • She loved the workshop! She was so excited to go each day, and headed right in without looking back - I loved hearing the stories of all the fun and the friends she met on the drive home. Thank you!!
  • Yes.  She loved the social interactions and the opportunity to sing, dance, and wear entirely too much make up.
  • Child and supporting parent enjoyed the workshop.  Well-paced and high energy. Yes! She asked to do it every single day
  • Yes!!! My daughter adored her out-of-the-box experience with Stages!!
  • Loved it so much! Loved the introduction to this amazingly imaginative and fun book. Loved the in-person socially distanced gatherings. Loved the bag pick-up. Loved crafts. Loved watching the videos. Also, she lost her second tooth while watching The videos, so that will remain a memory forever. As a big person I loved the imaginative outdoor suggestions and crafts and ideas.
  • My child thoroughly enjoyed every day of the workshop. I was hesitant to sign them up for this, as distance learning over zoom did not go well, but this experience was engaging and fun and brought much-needed joy to my kid.
  • The outdoor gathering was a fun way to end camp!  While we all wish we could have done camp in person, this was a great compromise.  The event was highly organized, and staff made it a joyous, non-pressure-filled experience.
  • I so appreciate all of the time and effort put in to make this work in a remote setting and keeping the kids busy (with balance) throughout the day.
  • The in-person events were great! We felt completely safe and she had a lot of fun! I think actually seeing Mr. Matt and Ms. Megan was super exciting for her!
  • We enjoyed learning the songs. I thought the videos were well organized and easy to follow.
  • Our favorite part was the socially distanced in-person play-in-the-park events. They were thoughtfully hosted and wonderfully prepped for - Dare I say PERFECT?! Our daughter looked forward to each one, and we loved cheering her on as she acted her little heart out :)
  • Ms. Laura!  And Ms. Trudy too.  Their energy is amazing, their positivity contagious and they made the time online super fun.
  • The in person meet ups were outstanding! Loved how personal and easy it was, appreciated all of the precautions taken for Covid, it was the highlight of our summer!
  • Our favorite part of the workshop was that it gave our kid a way to express their creativity and love of storytelling with other like-minded kids safely from home. Also, the educator (Andre) did a great job of facilitating and fostering a fun, creative environment.
  • This was our first camp experience at Stages. We were very impressed! From the sidewalk bubbles and cheering from teachers on the first day, to the great inspirational  videos created by the teachers, my child woke up each morning "ready for camp." Thank you so much!
  • Really admire everything you all have done to pivot so quickly to the new format. Our child was originally supposed to be in daycare this summer, so we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to do these camps and are so grateful for the opportunity.
  • From the quality of the instructors, to the fun peers she met in her class, the whole week was incredible. Can't wait to sign up again for next year!
  • The way they prepared and learned together helped him feel very ready and excited to share his work.