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It’s show time! Join us at Stages Theatre Company for one or more of our exciting productions! Our productions are built with young people, families and classrooms in mind, and are based on beautiful, imaginative and inspiring books and stories.

School Groups/Organizations
*Students and Parent Chaperones: Pay the group rate for tickets
*Staff:One free staff ticket is provided with each set of 10 paid tickets

Public/Family Groups
*All group members pay the group rates

Homeschool Families/Co-Ops
*All group members pay the group rates
*No minimum number required & no handling fees applied

*Group tickets are not available for ALL THE WORLD.
*$10 handling fee per group order.

Group Ticket Prices

School Day Performances
$8.00 per ticket
Public Performances (Evenings and Weekends)
$10.50 per ticket
ELF THE MUSICAL, JR (School Day Performances)
$9.50 per ticket
ELF THE MUSICAL, JR (Weekend/Public Performances)
$18.00 per ticket

Helpful Hints for an Enjoyable Experience

Be sure to arrive 20 minutes before your performance. This helps us get you seated without running into Willy Wonka, Bobo or Buddy the Elf!

Take a bathroom and a drink break before the lights go down and the show begins.

Don’t bring any snacks, drinks, or gum into the theater. These things might distract you during an important part of the story.

Be sure to laugh as loud as you can at the silly things on stage – but be sure to whisper quiet as a mouse if you want to ask your parent or friends a question.

To protect our friends on stage-please wait to take any pictures until you are in the lobby and they can pose with you.

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Field Trip Information

It’s show time! Join us at Stages Theatre Company for one or more of our exciting productions and introduce your students to the magical world of theatre. Not only will your students be enthralled with the beautiful imagery and charming stories, but all the elements of theatre will be introduced: character, plot, language, sound and spectacle.

Payment and Group Number Information

School/Child Care Groups
*For reservations made 2+ weeks prior to performance:
An invoice will be provided, see deadlines below
*For reservations made less than two weeks before the performance:
Payment is required at the time of reservation

Homeschool & Family/Friend Groups
*10-19 tickets: Payment is required at the time of reservation, contact the Box Office @ 952-979-1111, option 4 to reserve tickets

*20+ seats: An invoice will be provided, deadlines listed below

Group Numbers and Payment Deadlines
November 5, 2019 & November 20, 2019 – ELF THE MUSICAL, JR

December 17, 2019 – THE DOT

February 11, 2020 – IRON HEARTED VIOLET




*You can cancel tickets, without having to pay for them up until the Due Date listed on your invoice

*You are responsible for all tickets reserved past the deadline listed on your invoice

*No refunds for tickets that have been paid for

*We can’t guarantee additional tickets will be available after a reservation has been made

*We do not offer refunds once tickets are paid for OR the deadline has passed

*The entire group can be exchanged into a different performance of the same title ONLY- subject to availability

*$10 handling fee per group order

*Group tickets are not available for ALL THE WORLD

Thousands upon thousands of young people receive their first exposure to theatre at Stages Theatre Company. Study guides are a great way to extend student learning beyond their visit. Our free study guides contain tons of information, ideas and activities: author/playwright biographies, notes on historical context, cross-curricular classroom activities, theatre etiquette, and discussion questions for before and after you come to see the show!