Guiding youth drawn to careers in the theatre arts


Providing comprehensive, youth-powered, theatrical experiences exclusively for high school students in Grades 9-12.

Teen programs are designed to provide arts access for all teens - fostering passion for those interested in theatrical careers, and high-quality arts engagement for those who are curious to try something new.

Here's what we offer

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ALSO: Seeking Interns for Summer Theatre Workshops

In order to support Stages Theatre Company’s robust theatre education program, Stages will be hiring student interns, rising high school juniors up through seniors in college (or age equivalent) to serve as model students and administrative and classroom support for Summer Theatre Workshops running from mid-June through mid-August.



A New Works Series

Grades 9-12

See a play in process. Eat pizza. Meet the creators.


Get behind the scenes with the highly acclaimed national and local playwrights & Twin Cities’ theatre makers bringing this season’s most exciting new works to life. In partnership with The Jungle Theater, Theater Latté Da & Theater Mu, high school students will have an insiders’ look at up to five new plays in process (rehearsal, preview, or performance), and join the playwrights and other theater creators over pizza to discuss the writing and development process.

Registration in advance is required, space is limited!
Register for one, a few, or all of the following productions:

Theater Mu’s
AGAIN by Katie Ka Vang
THURSDAY, March 30, 6:00-9:30PM

Creating theater is a very personal affair. While the work is not always autobiographical, there is always something of us in the creation. Playwright Katie Ka Vang draws on her real-life experience as a cancer survivor to bring this new tale about someone going through a relapse to life. Join Katie, and director Nana Dakin at the Brian Coyle Center to discuss how a playwright and the creative team around her tap into their personal lives to bring a work to the stage. After this insiders’ look (which includes pizza!), we’ll attend a preview performance of Again at Mixed Blood Theatre to see the work in process.

FEE: $10 or Pay What You Can


Theater Latté Da’s
WE SHALL SOMEDAY by Harrison David Rivers
TUESDAY, April 18, 6:00-9:30PM

The musical is typically imbued with large amounts of spectacle and pizzazz - stages filled with numerous performers singing, dancing, and acting in tight, impressive choreography with one another. But what happens when all that is stripped down to just 3 performers? Join We Shall Someday playwright Harrison David Rivers over pizza to discuss building a musical production with a small cast. Then stick around to watch the final dress rehearsal, seeing that process in action on stage.

FEE: $10 or Pay What You Can
TUESDAY, April 18, 6:00-9:30PM at THEATER LATTÉ DA


Stages Theatre Company’s
RAYMIE NIGHTINGALE adapted by Jeannine Coulombe
SATURDAY, May 13, 1:00-3:00PM

Novels open doors into whole new worlds, allowing us to see in our minds the people and places being described. There’s a deep magic in that experience. It can therefore be a challenge to maintain that sense of personal magic when your job is to manifest those images onto the stage. Join Raymie Nightingale playwright Jeannine Coulombe, and director Melanie Salmon-Peterson to discuss taking a world from the page and bringing it to life on the stage. See the 1:00pm performance, then stick around for an exclusive sit down (and pizza!) with the creators of this world-premiere production.

FEE: $10 or Pay What You Can


QUESTIONS? Contact André Samples at asamples@stagestheatre.org


A New Works Series

$10 per event, or Pay What You Can
• Please note you are not guaranteed access to this event.
• A confirmation email will be sent with instructions on how to complete payment, and all the details for the day of the event attached. Due to the volume of requests, please allow 10 business days.
If none, write none.

QUESTIONS? Contact André Samples at asamples@stagestheatre.org

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Ages 16-19


Our Teen Mentorship Program is designed for youth ages 16-19 who are interested in exploring careers in the theatre arts beyond acting, by partnering with mentors who are working theatrical professionals.

The first opportunity in the theatre that most young people see is on stage as an actor – whether they are in a show or see a show. The reality though is that most jobs in the theatre are not on stage, but in the directing, designing, writing, composing, choreographing, fundraising, and marketing of a show. Our Teen Mentorship Program was created to help youth discover and traverse these career paths.

To be considered for participation in a mentorship opportunity students need to apply through our online application process. Each selected participant receives a $400.00 STIPEND at the end of their mentorship.

Check back in May 2023 for details on our 2023/24 season mentorships.

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2022-2023 Emerging BIPOC Designers Mentorship Bios

In alphabetical order

Faith Barrett - As a dancer and performer, Faith Barrett is most excited to learn about the expression of music through the Emerging BIPOC Designers Mentorship. Previous STC credits include: The Snow Queen, Annie Jr, The Velveteen Rabbit, Swimmy, The Nightingale, On the Railroad, Owl Moon, The Dot, Peace 4 the Ages, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Tuck Everlasting, and The Little Mermaid Jr. In addition to her work at Stages, she has been dancing on the Escalate Dance competition teams for the past seven years. Faith would like to give special thanks to her family, friends, and teachers for their support!

Jace Cruz - Jace Cruz is a member of the high school drama club at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis. It is there that he found his passion for performing and theater. He loves meeting new people, and finding those similar interests. He plans to pursue theater education in college, and find his way into the field professionally. He is excited to explore the behind-the-scenes side of this artform through this mentorship, and gain a deeper understanding of the theatrical arts. He would like to give a special thanks to his grandma for telling him to keep pushing.

Alec Newhouse - A passionate Godzilla fan, Alec Newhouse graduated from LionsGate Academy in 2022. It was there that he found his love for theater, performing in numerous shows, and studying behind-the-scenes theater in his stagecraft class. In particular, he loves to make people laugh. As he moves into his next phase of life he plans to stay involved with theater in a multitude of ways. He’s excited to learn more about the sound design process through this mentorship (and plans to implement Godzilla in there somehow!!).

Yuki Rogers - Yuki Rogers was just introduced to the world of theater during her freshman year through the Drama Club at Patrick Henry High School. From there she took off, stage managing two of their productions, plus assistant stage managing Stage North’s The Family Line at the Capri Theater, as well as running lightboard for Stages’ Theatre’s All American Boys. She now also works for the Capri Theater, and is working as a counselor for a summer theater program at Henry. For her second year in theater she’s excited to delve deeper into the behind the scenes world in the Emerging BIPOC Designers Mentorship. She would like to give a special thanks to Patrick Henry’s theater director Christopher Micheal, without whom she would not have had all of these life changing opportunities.

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2022-2023 First Job in the Arts Mentorship Bios

In alphabetical order

Ozzy Coyer - Ozzy Coyer is a senior at Hopkins High School, where they have performed in and worked on numerous shows from junior high on, including Willy Wonka Jr, Shrek Jr, Noises Off, and Little Women. They love the whole process of putting on a show, and the collaborative spirit of the experience. Ozzy plans to continue pursuing theater in college, studying both acting and directing. They are very excited to dig deeper into the process of directing through their First Job in the Arts mentorship.

Seth Donaldson - Seth Donaldson is an avid member of his St. Anthony theater community, having performed in many shows for both St. Anthony Community Theater and St. Anthony High School over the past few years. Having been a performer for nearly all of this time, he is excited to delve into the world of directing and learn more about this side of the artform. He hopes to take those skills into a career in filmmaking, which he plans to pursue in college. Also a musician, he has studied the piano and guitar for many years. Seth would like to thank his parents for supporting and encouraging him in all his endeavors.

Athan Fischer - Athan Fischer is a senior at Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists in the musical theatre track. He has been performing since he was nine years old and has appeared in more than thirty productions, including: musical theatre, theatre, and dance. Athan has a long history with Stages Theatre Company, having performed in fourteen productions including The Little Mermaid Jr. and Tuck Everlasting. He is honored to have been selected to participate in First Job in the Arts, where he looks forward to gaining insight into the world of theatre education. Athan hopes to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre and aspires to work in theatre education. He would like to thank all the amazing people at Stages Theatre Company who have ignited his passion for theatre and given him so much support and encouragement over the years.

Jordan Kueng - A senior at FAIR School for Arts, Jordan Kueng has been immersed in theater since his freshman year. He has been involved in numerous shows there and at Stages, including roles in Tuck Everlasting, and Disney’s Little Mermaid Jr. With a focus on directing in First Job for the Arts, they are excited to explore another side of theater through the mind of an expert. They hope to take this knowledge into a career in theater. He would like to give a special thanks to André Samples for telling him it’s never too late, and a special thanks to Talia Kaufman for showing him different pathways and encouraging him to try everything.

Shannon Merritt - Shannon Merritt is a senior at FAIR High School for Arts in Minneapolis. She has recently moved to the Twin Cities area and is excited to explore the local theatre scene! She has been involved in theatre for years, doing everything from acting to playwriting to set building and more. For her mentorship, she will be concentrating on design, which is also what she plans to pursue as a career after high school.

Raine - Raine is a 16 year old multimedia artist who enjoys performing and visual arts. Xey enjoy singing, painting, and designing fashion and costumes. Xey are a vocal and instrumental major at The Performing Institute of Minnesota or PiM. He is currently working on costumes for PiM’s Musical Review, Dance Concert, and their fall play Proof. Xey are excited to work with Stages and to make new friends doing it!

Elaine Sandvik - A junior at Spring Lake Park, Ellie Sandvik hasn’t missed the opportunity to work on a single show at her school since 6th grade. In that time she has performed on stage as well as worked behind the scenes in design and stage management. It is in the field of costuming, however, where she’s found her passion. She plans to go to college for costume design, and then do that work professionally. She’d like to thank her grandfather for introducing her to Broadway and sparking her love of performing arts. She’d like to thank her parents and extended family for encouraging her when she expressed interest in the arts. Finally, she’d like to thank the friends and mentors who have taught her what makes theatre so unique and exciting, no matter how many shows she’s done.

Demetrius Wine-garden - A prolific artist, Demetrius Winegarden is heading into their senior year at St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts and as they prepare for a career in theater and video games. They have performed in numerous shows for SPCPA, Stages Theatre Company, Concordia University, Rosetown Playhouse, Stage Door Productions, and Youth Theatre Initiative. Demetrius also plays a number of instruments, and enjoys writing music. They love the community and nurturing environment for growth that theater provides. They want to give special thanks to all their friends and family who have been so supportive of their artistic endeavors throughout their life.

Abbi Wood - Abbi Wood attends PiM Arts High School, where she will be a senior starting in the fall of 2022. Abbi first started theatre when she was 9 years old in 2015, acting in a production of Hansel and Gretel. From then on, Abbi has been involved in theatre, both onstage and off, at places like Eden Prairie Players, PiM Arts High School, Emerging Professionals Ensemble, and here at Stages Theatre Company! Abbi’s first technical production role was for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in 2021, where she was the stage manager. For that same role, she won an Outstanding In Technical Leadership Award from Spotlight Education of Minnesota and got to help in making the Spotlight Showcase 2022 come to life. She is also a member of the International Thespian Society. Abbi would like to give a huge shout-out to her Mom and Dad for always supporting her theatre endeavors, even though they know hardly anything about the theatre world.

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